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The Importance of Being Discreet

The Importance of Being Discreet

akord-in-bathroom-2Adult incontinence is a very touchy subject. Most people, especially the ones suffering from it, don’t want to talk about it. And, they especially don’t want others to know that they’re dealing with the condition.

Disposing of adult briefs can present a problem for those that are trying to be discreet. Adult diapers can be difficult and messy to dispose of, and they can have a very foul odor.

The Akord adult incontinence disposal system aims to eliminate all odors associated with adult briefs. No one wants to live with bad scents in their living space, and the Akord was designed with this in mind. Quality of life is very important to us all, and Akord will help maintain that quality for its users.

Additionally, the Akord’s non-obtrusive design allows it to blend in perfectly in a bedroom or bathroom setting. It’s hardly noticeable, and people will think it’s just a normal trash receptacle.

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