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The Continuous Liner System of Akord

The Continuous Liner System of Akord

akordslimopenThe Akord uses a zero-waste continuous liner system, instead of a traditional single bag that most receptacles use. A liner refill is simply cut then tied off to form its “bags”. One liner is good for at least 12 full bags. Zero-waste means that the liner can be cut and disposed of, without wasting any liner space. If there’s only one adult brief in the Akord, you can cut and dispose of the bag using very minimal bag space. This is unlike a normal trash bag, where the entire bag would have to be thrown away.

This system helps Akord’s adult incontinence users be more efficient and economical with their disposal systems. Many people will throw a trash bag away if something is particularly messy or has an overwhelming odor. Luckily, with the Akord, odors from adult diapers won’t be an issue, anyway.

To learn more about the continuous liner system, and how to use Akord. Visit the “How To” page at

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