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Containing Odors With the “Double-Seal”

Containing Odors With the “Double-Seal”

feature_02The Akord receptacles feature a double-seal lid that fully contains odors. Adult incontinence products can have very unpleasant odors, and the Akord aims to completely trap those scents.

The first seal is the trap-door that instantly closes when an adult brief is tossed in. The second seal is the top lid of the Akord that closes once the foot-pedal is depressed.

In addition to the double-seal, the Akord’s high quality ABS resin composition is non-porous. This ensures that odors and liquids are not absorbed into the plastic. And, the Akord will always be easy to quickly wipe down and clean.

Lastly, Akord’s liners are powder-fresh scented. These key features will keep odors from adult briefs completely trapped.


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