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Akord’s Eco-Friendliness


The Akord was primarily engineered with odor-free and hygienic adult brief disposal in mind. But, it also has many other features and benefits for its users. One of these extra benefits is that it is an eco-friendly disposal system. The continuous liner is the reason the Akord...

Step and Drop, and You’re Done!


No one wants to spend more time than necessary on daily tasks. Akord's 'Step and Drop" design makes disposing of soiled adult briefs quick and simple. Gone are the days of messily wrapping the adult diaper up in a plastic bag, and then spraying the...

The Importance of Being Discreet


Adult incontinence is a very touchy subject. Most people, especially the ones suffering from it, don't want to talk about it. And, they especially don't want others to know that they're dealing with the condition. Disposing of adult briefs can present a problem for those that...

Akord in the Home


When it comes to receptacles, looks are definitely important. The Akord was designed with aesthetics (along with its functionality) in mind. While the main function of Akord is to be the best functional disposal system for adult briefs, the designers knew that it also had to...

Touch-Free Operation on Akord


One of the most important features on Akord is its foot pedal. The pedal ensures that the disposal of a soiled adult diaper is touch-free. The user never has to worry about operating the receptacle with their hands. People with incontinence are always concerned with hygiene, and rightfully so....