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Akord’s Eco-Friendliness

Akord’s Eco-Friendliness

The Akord was primarily engineered with odor-free and hygienic adult brief disposal in mind. But, it also has many other features and benefits for its users. One of these extra benefits is that it is an eco-friendly disposal system.

The continuous liner is the reason the Akord is so environmentally friendly. It is a zero-waste bag system, meaning the liner can be cut and disposed of at any point. This wastes zero liner space and helps users be efficient, and even economical, with their waste. A normal trash bag system is not efficient at all. If a regular trash bag is thrown away early, all the unused bag space is wasted.

Additionally, the Akord liners are latex free and made from 20% recycled materials.

Read more about Akord’s features at http://www.akorddisposal.com/features/.

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